The MobileFirst POS that works for you

A comprehensive solution designed to enable you to provide outstanding hospitality, effortlessly – right in the palm of your hand.

Delighting Customers and Boosting Profits

30% ​

increase in tips


more spend per customer


fewer server mistakes


more drinks per person


less servers per shift

12-15 Min

shorter table-turn time

Affordable Payment That’s Personal and Tailored to Your Business

Protect Profits
  • Payment Processor Agnostic: Choose your own payment processor and negotiate your credit card fees. We don’t mandate a specific payment processor.
  • Bring services in-house: Reduce dependency on third parties and cut down on costly commission fees for online ordering and delivery with a customizable online storefront - no app needed!
  • Reservations and Guest Management: Manage your guests directly without paying $1/head, and keep valuable customer data.
Enhance Human Interaction
  • Tableside and Mobile Payments: Provide quick and convenient payment options tableside with a credit card or tap-to-pay digital wallets. You can also offer payments directly on the customer’s mobile device via QR code or SMS.
  • Delight Customers: Keep tabs on customer data points like preferred seating, favorite foods and beverage, and more.
  • Build Loyalty: Reduce mistakes and personalize experiences to create repeat, loyal customers.
Increase Revenue
  • Conversational Ordering: Intuitive UI prompts servers in upselling opportunities, wine pairings, and add-ons in a conversational, natural flow.
  • Raise Your Average Drink Per Order: See someone’s drink is done? The quick re-order button swiftly gets a new round of drinks going.
  • Faster Table Turns: Getting orders in more efficiently and offering table-side payments cuts down on wasted time and improves table turn-time by 12-15 minutes on average.
Operate Efficiently
  • Keep BOH and FOH in Sync Communicate effectively from FOH to BOH to reduce waste, eliminate back-and-forth, and operate faster.
  • Labor Gains: Servers can handle more tables at a time, and increase their income by tackling more tables with increased average PPA.
  • Split Checks: Split checks by diner, and even split costs for shared items quickly and efficiently with just a few taps minutes.

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Elevate your restaurant with our MobileFirst solution to enhance customer service and propel profits.

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Integrations with the world’s leading PMS providers bring a new age of mobility to the pinnacle of hospitality.

Tabit For Restaurant Chains

Agile product development and robust integrations provide enterprise businesses with the tools to succeed.

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